Wine Industry POS Systems

Complete Cost Effective Cloud-Based
Direct To Consumer and Business to Business Solutions
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Winery POS Systems

Our POS Systems for wineries are mobile, modern POS solutions. With minimal footprints and sleek interfaces, we provide compact, state-of-the-art systems for all operations, from order taking to payments and receipts. Instead of detracting from the appealing aesthetics and ambiance of your winery, your POS should enhance them. We do just that.

Eliminate Merchant Processing Fees

There are several different pricing options available. However, one that is becoming more popular is the dual pricing option.

Why should you consider dual pricing for your business? It provides significant savings and increases your bottom line immediately. It also increases customer engagement and offers a competitive edge. It allows both credit card and ACH options for your customers to join your club and save online and in person.

E-Commerce Sales

Our E-Commerce solution helps wineries sell more wine. IMC uses a flexible and scalable e-commerce platform to make it easier than ever to sell wine online, while enhancing your customers' experience from start to finish.

Automate your marketing to maximize your sales with our dynamic segmenting and email platform integrations.

Secure online shopping on any device, anytime, and anywhere. Our checkout process helps you increase cart conversions and sell more wine.

Wine Clubs, Subscriptions, Memberships

Experience the latest and most cost effective software to manage every aspect of your wine club and its subscriptions. Unlimited wine club and membership discount options available to your members. You can even allow your customers to choose the wines they want in their shipment. 

Shipping & Taxes

Our shipping integrations help you keep compliant and make tracking shipping simple for you and your customers. Our tax integrations simplify your sales tax reporting process.

Wine Tasting Reservations

We fully automate the interaction with your customers, and help them pick the right tasting option, date and time. You can even allow your customers to choose their favorite host if you wish. You can even charge a deposit or the full amount in advance while having the customer pay the processing fees.

You get real-time SMS reminders both for the customer and employee for booked, canceled or rescheduled appointments.

With our appointment booking system, you can focus on your customers instead of handling appointment bookings manually.

Website Design & Build

Stand out online with a fully compliant professional website and online store that is fully customizable and SEO optimized. Increase your sales with easy, one-click solutions and custom check out page. We can help you build a new website, redesign your current site, or just integrate with your current website.