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An end-to-end dining experience solution: reservation management, marketing, review, payment suite & much more... 
Get commission-free reservations from all your channels,
a fast and seamless online booking experience, and one place to manage all your tables and guests.

Complete Reservation Management

  • 24/7 Real-time online reservations
  • No-fee online reservations from your website, Google and social media profiles. 
  • Own your customer data
  • Full, unrestricted access to your customer database gives you total control of guest experience, more revenue and better marketing. 
  • Personalize the guest experience
  • All your guest data is at your fingertips from history, preferences, tags, notes and spend. You’re ready to deliver memorable experiences.

Reduce No Shows

Get the ultimate no-show prevention tool kit combining policies, guest messaging and up-front payments. Reduce your no-shows by up to 90%.

Reservation deposits

Require a credit card hold to make a booking and charge a fee if a booking no-shows.

SMS and Email Confirmations

Automate the confirmation process with sms and email notifications.

Pre-Payed Bookings

Capture the entire cost of the menu or event up-front.

Clear T&C’s & Policies

Make your policies crystal clear in the booking flow so guests know what to expect.

Smart Online Waitlist

Manage walk-ins with ease with effective queue management. Send an SMS to guests when their table is ready and show estimated wait times. Guests can add themselves to a waitlist on your website, or when they arrive, helping you fill more tables, remove chaos at the door and stay visible online. 

Easily manage guest flow with table management

Stay on top of daily operations with all the tools you need to manage shifts, seat guests and manage guest preferences in real-time.

  • Volume and capacity control
  • Turn more tables
  • Build your customer database

Efficient In-Service Operations

Fully integrated table management with your reservations and guest CRM. It’s the complete front of house toolkit to seat more guests, turn more tables and get more revenue from your existing floor.


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 00:31 Your Online Booking Widget 

04:37 Seating Guests and Managing Your Floor

06:16 Building and Managing Your Guest Book

07:45 Editing Your Floorplan

09:41 Managing Reservations

13:31 Streamlining Operations

14:34 Restaurant Admin Settings

20:17 Conclusion